Thursday, September 11, 2014

Facebook page's idiot- part II

And so, after I've spent USD17 on my Facebook page, I had made my first USD10 selling online, today! Although I need to find another USD7 to cover the loss, my offline sales will do that in the meantime.

I got on into the 'Like' agenda and paid USD1 per day for seven days. It gets me around 500 likes, but with no purchase, only 'Like'. They really deliver whatever that I've asked for. Thus, I made another advertisement to get more people engaged, hoping for an increase in sale. I got two online inquiries, but win only one. So far, that was how the story went.

I won't give up so easily. This is a good challenge, especially on something that I have never ever done before. I need to be more focus, alert and organized. Loving this period so much!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Young always!

I am almost four decades of age, considered old by Asian standard. But that is not what I am going to write or as if I do care. Age is just a number for me. 

I do get young every now and then. Two things that make me young; knowledge and being with the young ones. 

This morning, during the journal club, we spent a good one hour discussing science related to our subject of interest which is stem cell. Although at times, the post-graduates students seemed anxious answering questions or had to asked one, at the end of the session everyone looked content. I just want them to express their thought freely. They might feel under duress, nevertheless I wish they learn something after that one hour. 

And this evening, I spent sometime before coming home with two young lecturers. They joined academia's world about a year ago. However, I can felt their vibration, a good vibration. They talked about the past one year and how they adapted their life as a lecturer. 

I always realise one thing that happen during these two events, whenever it happen; there was an adrenalin or epinephrine flow, freely. 

Maybe I was excited during the discussion because we are training the young minds to think or excited to be part of new leaves trying to venture out their life journey.

Thank God!

She is too young...

I am her caretaker. I have been looking after her for sometime. Thus, she is my responsibility. I would not let her go so easily considering her young age, naivety. She is a well-bred one.

But, he has been looking for her for sometime. He sits in front of the house every morning. He calls her up, although she rarely throws a glance. He even chased out an intruder one day. He is just a smart street one.

My cat, she is too young to fall in love.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Facebook page's idiot- part I

Well, nothing much can be said, unless we try and realized our mistake. This is called "tried and error" in science. Since I am a "scientist", I need to try this. Hypothesis null, 'It is difficult to make a sale using Facebook'.

So, after exhausting most of my friends on Facebook who I think would likely clicked the 'like' button by inviting them to like my sale page, I made about 60 likes out of it. This was considered as a zero move. Then, the first hardcore act started. Before we jump to the story of it, I just wanted to acknowledge that the zero move was based on an article that I read on Entrepreneur online.

The first move is to get as much like as I can, by buying the advertisement on Facebook. Not to waste much money, I spent around USD1 per day and for the past two days, the page gathers around 200 likes. Impressive! But that is not all that I learned from the status of 'likers' of my page. There are actually people who live by the Facebook just to click the 'like' button. Interesting!

That's probably one of the reasons Facebook has come up with 'an engagement button' when I tried to buy the advert. And probably this is one of the many reasons that only one person had ever asked me nicely over the message option if I had any other design. And this one person is not becoming my 'fan' (because she liked my page) through the advert. The others, no contact at all. I just wish that amongst those 200, there are genuine 'likers'. Or by time, will be.

Anyway, I will let the advert run for another 5 days, including today for the sake of increasing the number of like. And then, we will switch to engagement button, which will cost 5 times higher!

Maybe, if I could finish this task, I can start writing for the business section of Yahoo! Consider this as a job application, boss.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Flying kites of hope

I saw a woman with her two children the other day at the Bukit Keluang beach of Kuala Besut, Terengganu. She was there not to spend the time enjoying the sea breeze or the scenery. In fact, she was working,  selling kites. Many of them. The children just sitting near to her, not wandering around.

Many bad assumptions regarding her life partner came to my mind. But, I stopped short of thinking into it. It will not help her a bit. Instead,  I prayed for her good life and hopefully she will do well in selling her kites and enjoying life as it is.

Lets do that, folks.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Great life!

This weekend was a grand one, to me. The house has been very lively since early August because mother came to stay with me. It was actually difficult to ask her to come to stay with me, even for a week. Bu this time she was here for almost a month. It was with a promise from my younger brother that he will come to take her back at the end of the month. And well, he did came with his family. We had a blast celebrating the get together, minus my other brother and his family who cannot make it here.

And it was a good one because we were also celebrating our 57th Independence Day.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Facebook page's idiot on a trial phase

I am now trying out a Facebook feature to sell hijab and dress known as kaftan. Well, it's not an easy job though. Not as easy as it is being said.  I have been constantly looking over the news feed and messages, hoping the orders will come in bulk. No order as yet. Only from my auntie. Few friends were asking.

And I am not quitting. I will try many more steps and tricks available. We will see the next outcomes.

By the way, I am a scientist and this is a challenge for me to overcome. Let's treat this as one of the scientific problem.

Wish me luck! Visit me at this fb page 'Tudung bawal & kaftan Kb"...but it is in Malay. :-)