Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Time and again...

I am trying my best to be a good person, to have a positive outlook on life, and to think clearly each day. But then again, I am just a human being, with all the flaws. There will be days when by heart goes against my mind. And there will be days where my feeling cloud my judgement. And there will be time my anger superseded my love. Those days may be rare, but there would be there.

I have been trying to forgive myself for all it's worth, to be that lovable person. Only God knows how much I have tried. If I fail, please pardon me, time and again.

Monday, January 19, 2015

The aftermath

The after flood sceneries are at their worst. I haven't been to Kuala Krai or Gua Musang, but received a lot of feedback through my colleagues who went there for community works. These people need a lot of help for them to stand tall again.

Our deputy dean of community service is actively seeking donations and she hasn't stopped going to those places affected by the flood since the day she came back from her trip. She was away when the flood took place. The lady was deeply concerned with the scenario of the victims, that she has sleepless nights.

Thursday, January 15, 2015


Added responsibilities mean less hours for myself. On top of that, my best friend, Ina, who just started working after 3 months of maternity leave asked me to accompany her and her new baby at night, sleepover at her house, three times per weeks. And another less time with Maru. 

So, these activities have gone on since past two weeks. 

Although I enjoy doing all these because they limits my alone time, but my sleep patterns as well as my eating patterns have changed. Any changes will surely need some adaptation. 

I am adapting. 

Hope that my mood remains calm, placid and compose during the period.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Going home, finally!

After almost, two and half month, I am going back to my hometown. To visit my mom, siblings, nieces,  nephew, and my extended families. I missed them terribly. The initial long holiday was planned to start right before Chrismast until a couple days before the new year. But God has another plan for us in KB. The little tsunami not only caused extreme flood in Kelantan, but the rain made me stuck in KB. Well, the land road to my hometown was close due to landslide.

Things have been getting back to normal in KB, although in other parts I doubt that it will be anytime soon.

Hope the journey back home will be a good one.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Love her anyway

A decision had been made, about sometimes ago. I will live my life in an objective, my lifetime objective. There will be no other way for it. 

As for love, I will give in, full heartedly. I will never make any queries and ask anything back or have any expectation. I will love anything, anyone or any conditions. Love will be my biggest quest of living my life. And all those are for one objective. A reason that worth everything that I thought I owned, but it was given. 

I just fall in love with this one person, who is lovely outside but fragile inside. But I will love her anyway, because she is my responsibility as another human being and as a sister. I know that it will be a big task, but she is here because He wants it that way. 

Monday, January 12, 2015

New year and new post!

Bigger responsibility means that we have less time in hand. And people thought that young individuals don't have an opinion.

Those are two things that I have in mind right now.

I was elected by my colleagues to take care deputy office for a year. Thus, last two weeks, my works began. But the original one didn't want to move out of the office yet, which left me with no choice but to work from my office. I don't mind because I would prefer my current office better. But, meeting after meeting made me tired, mentally and physically. Yesterday, I skipped breakfast and lunch. Thank God, Masi joined me for a dinner, a proper one.

And then, my acting chief of staff question my decision to have a meeting. Come on! It's January and we are supposed to prepare for 2015. No meeting means no preparation for the whole year to come. I am not new to the school and I know my job!

But, we are all human. We forgive, forget and move on!

Happy New Year 2015. All the best!

Friday, January 9, 2015

Maru's pregnancy

Maru second pregnancy is a lot better on her. She seems okay with her conditions, only at times, she sleeps a lot. Her appetites is normal nowadays, not too picky with food anymore. I'm trying to provide her with varieties of can fishes. This time, I pray the babies will survive.