Saturday, July 26, 2014

Missing him always

I missed him so much!

Few years ago, he went on to meet his Maker. And that fateful day still plays I my mind until now. The day which we thought as just another day of him to be in the ICU. After a week,  his vital sign was getting better though he was not yet coming out of the comatose state. It was also a week into Ramadan and we were breaking fast at the hospital, just outside the unit. And on that day, I had decided that I would go home instead of my mother to prepare the breakfast's meal. Thus, I reached by his side about two minutes late.

I am his daughter,  how would I ever forget that.

He was misdiagnosed for having diarrhea. Admitted when one of the doctors whose he visited and suggested that he might had something else. I just arrived in the hospital, early morning, and then I saw a pool of blood stained his bed sheet. He was thinking that he just defecated. That afternoon,  he was induced into comatose state. That was the last time I saw him 'alive' and then five days later, he breath his last.

But, I just missed not having him around, really. He is with me everyday, all the time. How? Because,  he is always with my prayer. I pray for him and my mother well being every day.

Who am I without them? They give me their world so that I can have mine. I love them, God! Please give them heaven for that. Ameen.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


It was a heartbreaking news and it still is.

First, it was Gaza. The slaughtering is happening and there is no hint that it will end anytime soon.

Then, the MH17. I still cry now and then, wherever I think of the victims and their families. How one of them used to cross path with me some 30 years back.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Power play in this life will not last forever...

I just do not understand. This point of view is absolutely ridiculous. Unless we are an atheist, all of us should be believing in God. Then, why certain quarters act as if they are the God. They thought they are so powerful that they could blind the One and off course,  the people. They are not cheating God, they are cheating themselves. I wish the will come to their senses one fine day before its too late.

Power can only last a lifetime but there are life after death. Do they think they could persuade Him as they do here, in this life? Yes, there are 30 million individuals that could be the witnesses in front of Him. But then again, forget people. The witnesses could be the angels who are with us 24/7. Or our own body. Remember,  although no one have ever come back from death but death is not a myth.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Good luck!!!

These two weeks are examination weeks for year 1. Both students and lecturers are affected during this time. The students are busying themselves preparing for the papers,  while the lecturers are busy marking the papers. All have to be out for a school board meeting this coming Thursday. I am now eagerly waiting for the results so that the students eligible for the distinction viva session could be identified.

I hope for the best!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sayonara beautiful voice...

Malaysia is mourning for her loss of yet another beautiful voice.

God has gave her a long life as a singer with a series of ups and downs. She had a lengthy list of admirers and fan but not without hatters. But then again, that was an expected way of life of a celebrity.

As a human being, she sometimes made headlines for a wrong reason. But, those attitudes mean she was behaving as a normal individual. Who are we to be a judge of characters?

I respect her the most when she decided to sent her only son to study on religion and away from the limelight. For me, that was the best a celebrity mother could do for her child, although the price that they need to pay was to live separately for many years.

May her soul be at peace. Good bye for now, Sharifah Aini.

From Him we come, to Him we will go back eventually.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

She had me

I cannot be thankful enough for having her. She has been living with me for three months now.

Initially,  I was quite reluctant to be close to her,  but she invades my heart effortlessly.

Yes, my life may have been a little bit 'busy' from its flawless schedule. Nevertheless,  it is becoming much richer than it used to be. There is always something to look forward at the end of the day. Her antics make all my troubles fly away because she has made it a rule that after works, it is all about her.

I guess by now she must have known that she had me, wrapped around her claws.

Maru, my smokes coloured cat.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Ramadhan in Malaysia

Ramadhan is here. Tomorrow is the day when all Muslim start fasting. Non-muslim may assumed that this fasting is a difficult task to be performed. Nevertheless, it is not.

In Malaysia, it is like a month of festival ending with an eid. You may find food sold at a stall only during this month. And that too at special 'pasar ramadhan', a place like like market but open early to sell food for breaking fast. Hotels will come out with special buffet offer just for breaking fast. In Kelantan, this is the time where we can find many variety of colek. I will upload a picture of colek if I manage to have one.

But then again, I am not able to go back to my hometown to breaking fast with my mother. All due to the Phase 1 Professional Exam which starts tomorrow. I know she must be sad to be alone. I am sorry but I wish I could make it up soon. I planning to go home for few days to spend some quality time with her.

Lastly, i wish Happy Ramadhan to all Muslims. This is another chances to do good deeds.