Thursday, August 28, 2014

Facebook page's idiot on a trial phase

I am now trying out a Facebook feature to sell hijab and dress known as kaftan. Well, it's not an easy job though. Not as easy as it is being said.  I have been constantly looking over the news feed and messages, hoping the orders will come in bulk. No order as yet. Only from my auntie. Few friends were asking.

And I am not quitting. I will try many more steps and tricks available. We will see the next outcomes.

By the way, I am a scientist and this is a challenge for me to overcome. Let's treat this as one of the scientific problem.

Wish me luck! Visit me at this fb page 'Tudung bawal & kaftan Kb"...but it is in Malay. :-)

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

We are being watch...believe me!

Now I know that we are being watch, apart from the One up there. This is how the story goes.

It was an early morning surprised. Well, the morning was not so different from any other morning.  I was on my way to work with a big plastic bag, a garbage in the back bonnet. Mother had reminded me a few times to get them out of the kitchen as my cat was very fond of the plastic (because she thought something fishy was inside). So, I drove off with the plastic bag and made a detour to the garbage bin placed next to the main road. As I parked the car next to the bin, I saw a Mercedes benz car waiting for the red light on the other side of the road. I was admiring the car but can't see the driver clearly. The car was similar to the one own by a friend. Opened up the bonnet, I took the plastic bag out and went to the bin which was knocked down, lying on the ground, not in the upright position. I saw few other garbage bags were left around the bin on the ground. Since I was already there, it make no difference to just bend down a bit to see if the bin was empty and pushed in my plastic bag inside. When I turned around walking towards the car, I heard a car honked,  twice. I looked up and saw the driver of the Mercedes car gave me two thumb ups. I waved back initially thinking the driver was a friend. But then I realised from the driver's silhouette, he was not because my friend is a young woman, not a male.

Anyway,  I never thought anyone will take notice of me throwing away the garbage bag. But, those honks really made my morning.  A little appreciation of a little good deed is good as a morale booster.

Moral of the story,  we are under surveillance by another human being.  Remember to do good things,  always, then.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Less expectation is better

Everybody can give opinions,  suggestions,  plan and finally comments.  But not everyone can execute the plan. Thus, give some thought and think a little longer before open up our mouth and do the above. Have a little patience before thinking of your own needs. Think about others who have been going around to make sure things work out. Numbers of calls they make, numbers of letters they write and countless sleepless nights they went through.

The event that will happen today,  have so far taught me a lot about people.  It is easy to simply withdraw oneself before anything because you don't feel like doing it. Come to think of it, maybe this is the last time I would expect your commitment in things that I might do in the future.  I need support and it should comes from a friend. A friend in need is a friend indeed.

Well, this is life anyway.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Death of humanity

Humanity is dying a slow death. There is no alien invasion or meteor crashing that caused that, unlike our expectation.

The reason is bigger.

Anyway,  we used to know it as 'power'. But, the basis is much simpler. None of us, the humble human being could have guess that. I call it as black heart. Heart full of hatred and high importance of oneself. Or sometime,  just lack of anything,  cold-hearted.

This is the reason of thousand death in Gaza. And MH17. And Syria. Myanmar. And many other places.

This is just a beginning of death of humanity.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Missing him always

I missed him so much!

Few years ago, he went on to meet his Maker. And that fateful day still plays I my mind until now. The day which we thought as just another day of him to be in the ICU. After a week,  his vital sign was getting better though he was not yet coming out of the comatose state. It was also a week into Ramadan and we were breaking fast at the hospital, just outside the unit. And on that day, I had decided that I would go home instead of my mother to prepare the breakfast's meal. Thus, I reached by his side about two minutes late.

I am his daughter,  how would I ever forget that.

He was misdiagnosed for having diarrhea. Admitted when one of the doctors whose he visited and suggested that he might had something else. I just arrived in the hospital, early morning, and then I saw a pool of blood stained his bed sheet. He was thinking that he just defecated. That afternoon,  he was induced into comatose state. That was the last time I saw him 'alive' and then five days later, he breath his last.

But, I just missed not having him around, really. He is with me everyday, all the time. How? Because,  he is always with my prayer. I pray for him and my mother well being every day.

Who am I without them? They give me their world so that I can have mine. I love them, God! Please give them heaven for that. Ameen.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


It was a heartbreaking news and it still is.

First, it was Gaza. The slaughtering is happening and there is no hint that it will end anytime soon.

Then, the MH17. I still cry now and then, wherever I think of the victims and their families. How one of them used to cross path with me some 30 years back.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Power play in this life will not last forever...

I just do not understand. This point of view is absolutely ridiculous. Unless we are an atheist, all of us should be believing in God. Then, why certain quarters act as if they are the God. They thought they are so powerful that they could blind the One and off course,  the people. They are not cheating God, they are cheating themselves. I wish the will come to their senses one fine day before its too late.

Power can only last a lifetime but there are life after death. Do they think they could persuade Him as they do here, in this life? Yes, there are 30 million individuals that could be the witnesses in front of Him. But then again, forget people. The witnesses could be the angels who are with us 24/7. Or our own body. Remember,  although no one have ever come back from death but death is not a myth.