Wednesday, March 5, 2014

He taught his teacher about living the life

My PhD student is a Syrian. He worked in Saudi Arabia before coming to Malaysia. His PhD supervisor was someone else a year before he finally became my student and since had submitted the thesis for examination.

          Starting from the time I knew him until today (almost three years had passed), only God knows of how many bad incidences that took place in his life. He is a husband and a father of 4 children, and all of them are here with him. His country is at war and his hometown was at wrecked that he can't go back there. During those 3 years, he had once broken his right hand for landed on the floor after trying to change lamp bulb. Being a dentist who basically worked with right hand, that period of time say a lot about his future. Thank God, the hand can be fixed. Apart from that, he still have elderly parents at home, who are now shifted to Jordan. That was after so much of demanding from him.

         His elder brother passed away last two years ago due to cancer, leaving behind a wife and children. The brother was a surgeon. 

          My student, ASA, was here while these occurred.  

         ASA is not a man without an opinion. He has a lot to say, but probably because these things keep happening one after another, he gets used to it and rarely mentioned about this. 

         Once a while, I would ask about his family back home and he would eventually leave my room with red eyes. Me, I would be dumbfounded by him handling all these and not showing any sign of depression or lack of willingness to go on fighting the world. I then, would be thinking about our own Malaysians who would kill themselves on the road for the sake of having fun or would end up at the Pusat Serenti.

         Being opinionated and coming from different fields of study, we used to lock horns over many things, especially regarding his thesis writing. It is hard if he too has to work with an opinionated supervisor. For me, this was a process of teaching and "agree to disagree", which I do not welcome much but I appreciated it a lot. 

          I am telling this story not to degrade him what-so-ever. It is just a story sharing to let others know that we can be the best in the worst condition. It is the matter of choosing.

          He is teaching me as much as I think I had taught him. 

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Can't make everyone happy....

The dry season is good in a way. Dry and tasteless. Whoa! I started the morning after a long hiatus, by being sarcastic. Excuse me, that is not "me", but "my demon" inside. 

Well, for the past few months, there is one girl in the office who felt threatened by me (unnecessarily) had kept posted on her Facebook that someone had done bad for her. I guess she had been talking about me because she was talking about my achievement which somehow reduced her popularity in the workplace. The last sentence was my assumption because she never comes clean about it neither do I. As my gesture of disapproval, I just reserved my interaction with her. Nevertheless, I will not argue just to prove my point since it might severed any type of relationship that one may have. That is my way of finding peace with oneself.  

But, anyway, I have been working very hard starting from the year of 2011, do not just sit idle in my not so soft chair which means that whatever that transpires out of it is the gift from Him. It is a sunnatullah. You work, you get. Although sometimes, we may work but do not get. It is another story that will need another post on it.

But then again, by taking this out loud, I should remember that she is "the sets of questions sent by Him". Probably to teach me something. Then, I should deal with her in a good way that will eventually benefit me hereafter. 

Anyhow, let's just take this lightly and remember that world consists many types of people and not everyone will be happy with us. The one that we need to serve before anything is Him. 

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Rainy season comes early in Penansular East Coast

Well, KB and I, we just decided last week that we would like to spend our afternoon walking around the campus. KB usually had sometimes in the afternoon after office hour while waiting for her husband to pick her up.

Anyway, towards the second day, we were running for our dry clothes against the drops of rain. The rain drops were not the actual drops. It poured down heavily on us.

But then again, to think that I normally would not have a chance - to just go ahead and 'mandi hujan' by pretending to be polite walking under my umbrella - that was a very good excuse. As for KB, she was down with the flu the day after but thankfully, it was not the real one.

This afternoon, KB was not in for the game. And the thunderstorm frightened me with the 'lightning' idea. There goes another day of not wasting our fat by walking.

Anyway, I am going home after this, to cycle. Hopefully.

Saturday, September 7, 2013


Things in life may not follow our needs or intentions. It has its own course. It will fly, jump, stop, swim, whenever necessary because as we all now, all are up to Him. Because we never can see the large picture
We are too small to realize that there were house burning next to the road behind those tall houses even though we can see the fire engine was next to you and many firefighters around. That was so true to my friend and I, yesterday afternoon while we were heading to Tesco of Kg Sireh. Well, if we were so oblivious to circumstances that were supposed to be seen, how about other things? 

Put on the thinking cap.... 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Grateful is a big word for a tiny little piece of imperfectness

I just bought a new car. Praise to Allah and I am very happy about that. Thus, I've been shying-sang on the road; from KB to AS, back to KB, went to AS again; all those to spend time with my family back home. Everything when just perfect until last week. 

During one of the Hari Raya open-house, my friend's husband realized that there was a hairline cracked on the left-side at the back of my car bumper plus half-size of one Ringgit paint scratched. I was obviously shocked by the finding since I didn't remember anyone bump into my car. Of course my mind started racing by to find the culprit. For sometimes, I felt quite unhappy. 

But then again, being surrounded by good people is good for our soul.

I've a flock of FB friends who posted many good things in their status. In addition, there are many motivators who's FB's account I subscribed into. 

There's one post mentioned that we shall be thankful of losing a pair of shoes because amongst us, there are many without a pair of feet.

Well, having a scratched paint is nothing. Many are still wishing that they at least have a car that can be driven around.

So, be grateful for the many good things instead of worrying over a tiny little piece of imperfectness. 

Monday, September 2, 2013

Hiding behind the door, no more!

Well, finally I am admitting that I have been hiding my life behind my closed door (of the office, of course!). Since coming back from Japan (which was almost 3 years.... Ahem!), things have been a little difficult for me in term of fitting-in. It has been in my nature to always be with the winning team and I am not used to be belittled. So, I worked very hard and Allah has finally granted my wishes one by one. Alhamdulillah! Praise to Him, the almighty. 

(Anyway, I have to explain that it is not that I worked hard I got it all but because of Him, He who decides to grace upon me.)

People might think that I took too long time to get my life straight. Again, it happened because I think too much with less action. As my Japanese adopted mother said, many times, I was a thinker but not a doer. Thus, the years past and one fine day I think that I should change, and I did. 

I bought a new digital camera (cheaper than the previous one with less functions but working good for my need) and had started to shoot here and there. But just a point and shoot kind of photography. No more fancy camera, a soft warning from my mother replayed whenever I walked past a camera store or surfing an online one. 

That was just one of the example. 

We cannot ask too much from life. Life is like that, there are ups and downs. I am in the happy mood. A lot of oxytoxin nowadays!

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Boy asking for donation

Yesterday morning, while having my Saturday off, I heard a small voice gave a salam outside my gate. Peeking behind the curtain of the glass sliding door, there was silhouette of a small boy looking inside the house compound. In the background, another rode a bicycle away from my house passed the bushes in front of my neighbour's house. This boy who was standing in front of my house seemed a little nervous and kept looking back at the bushes but I can't see anyone there. He gave another salam and I answered. Through the half opened glass sliding door, I asked him if he needed anything. He said that he came asking for a donation. For his school, he said when I queried for a reason.

I then told him to wait and went to my room to wear a hijab since I intended to go out to the gate. While holding the keys of the grilled door, I heard 'bird' sound, not the chirping one but a hollow-sounding. Sound that I used to make when I was a little girl playing with my brothers and friends, we used the sound as a sign. When I looked at the boy, the little boy was now had turned his back and facing the bushes. I guessed that the sound should come from him. It then crossed my mind that these two young children, male, age maybe around 7-9 years old were playing a game on me. Is this a plain little child in front of my gate was for real?

Just about to open the lock, I asked him if he brought any letter from the school with him. He told me that his brother didn't gave him any. Simply then, I asked him if he can come back with the letter because I won't give without one. He just left without saying a word, walking towards the bushes.

I might be paranoid in this case and am thinking more that I should.

The donation culture has become part of the society. In a way it is good especially when we know that we are helping others. It is a mood booster. In Islam, it is known as zakah or sadaqah.

But many schools are using the students to ask for donation, and some are for its own operational up-front. Up until one point I do not know which one is true, which is bogus. This boy coming to my house was unlike any other boy that we usually saw asking for donation in the shopping complex. I was very sure that he was a local, from the same kampong. My worry was that these boys probably thought that the easiest way to get money was by asking donation, which means that our society of the future generations could be in grave danger. Just use our imagination if my instinct is true.

I prayed for these two children and hope that I was wrong. If I was wrong, then I prayed that someone else with a bigger heart would gave them a better donation and God would pardon me for such bad thinking.