Monday, September 2, 2013

Hiding behind the door, no more!

Well, finally I am admitting that I have been hiding my life behind my closed door (of the office, of course!). Since coming back from Japan (which was almost 3 years.... Ahem!), things have been a little difficult for me in term of fitting-in. It has been in my nature to always be with the winning team and I am not used to be belittled. So, I worked very hard and Allah has finally granted my wishes one by one. Alhamdulillah! Praise to Him, the almighty. 

(Anyway, I have to explain that it is not that I worked hard I got it all but because of Him, He who decides to grace upon me.)

People might think that I took too long time to get my life straight. Again, it happened because I think too much with less action. As my Japanese adopted mother said, many times, I was a thinker but not a doer. Thus, the years past and one fine day I think that I should change, and I did. 

I bought a new digital camera (cheaper than the previous one with less functions but working good for my need) and had started to shoot here and there. But just a point and shoot kind of photography. No more fancy camera, a soft warning from my mother replayed whenever I walked past a camera store or surfing an online one. 

That was just one of the example. 

We cannot ask too much from life. Life is like that, there are ups and downs. I am in the happy mood. A lot of oxytoxin nowadays!


Al-Manar said...

You have been back from Japan for three years. Is that correct?
I am glad to hear that you are in a happy. I that case get your mother into your car and drive southwards along the coast until you come to that house and stop. That is how you share your happy mood.

naba the mutant said...

Yes Pakcik. I am going to KT for work next weekend. If I could find some time off, I will make a little detour from the original plan.