Sunday, September 29, 2013

Rainy season comes early in Penansular East Coast

Well, KB and I, we just decided last week that we would like to spend our afternoon walking around the campus. KB usually had sometimes in the afternoon after office hour while waiting for her husband to pick her up.

Anyway, towards the second day, we were running for our dry clothes against the drops of rain. The rain drops were not the actual drops. It poured down heavily on us.

But then again, to think that I normally would not have a chance - to just go ahead and 'mandi hujan' by pretending to be polite walking under my umbrella - that was a very good excuse. As for KB, she was down with the flu the day after but thankfully, it was not the real one.

This afternoon, KB was not in for the game. And the thunderstorm frightened me with the 'lightning' idea. There goes another day of not wasting our fat by walking.

Anyway, I am going home after this, to cycle. Hopefully.

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Al-Manar said...

One month's old, when is tthe next one? Drop by some time whn you have something new here.