Saturday, September 7, 2013


Things in life may not follow our needs or intentions. It has its own course. It will fly, jump, stop, swim, whenever necessary because as we all now, all are up to Him. Because we never can see the large picture
We are too small to realize that there were house burning next to the road behind those tall houses even though we can see the fire engine was next to you and many firefighters around. That was so true to my friend and I, yesterday afternoon while we were heading to Tesco of Kg Sireh. Well, if we were so oblivious to circumstances that were supposed to be seen, how about other things? 

Put on the thinking cap.... 


Al-Manar said...

I certainly will not know when I will see another posting here, tomorrow, next month or ...? If you do not know it ourself HE knows

naba the mutant said...

Indeed Pakcik! :)